Resources For Moving Into a New Home

Use the following resources to help you get back on your feet when you are moving into a new home.

Tips to Selecting a Reputable Mover

Stay safe during you move by relying on professional, not shady companies. Learn what movers to avoid with the help of the following sites:

Better Business Bureau

Safety Information

Glance through mover safety information with the following sites. You will need the mover’s DOT# for both of them:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association

Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System

City Profiles

See cost-of-living comparisons, local entertainment, commerce, news, hotel accomodations, sightseeing, community events, and more about the city you’re moving to:



USA City Link


Travel Sites

Find discounted air, hotel, and car rental for your big move by referring to the following sites:

Flathead Travel Agency

American Express Travel

Info Hub

Cheap Tickets



Area Code & Zip Code Listings

Learn about the area you are moving to by checking out businesses, people, maps, shopping guides, city guides, and yellow pages of your new home:


U.S. Office Zip Code Lookup

Super Pages


See pet specialist’s websites to learn the best travel options for your animals:

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Pets Welcome

Canine Carriers

Department of Motor Vehicles

Locate your state’s DMV by referring to the official site:

Online DMV


Country Wide

Salary Calculator

Monster Moving

General and Foreign Relocation Links

See Information about traveling or living abroad, geopolitcal news, and more at the following sites:

CIA World Fact Book

United States Department of State

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States

Foreign Embassies in the United States

Country Watch

MonsterMoving Relocation Information