6–8 Weeks Before the Move

Organizing a move requires much thought and preparations. Getting started 6–8 weeks before your anticipated move date helps you pace yourself and be as ready as possible for the big move day.

Contacting Mover

Set the move process in motion by calling your Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage representative.  Specify the exact date you want to move and when it will be convenient to visually survey your household goods and prepare an estimate. Let your representative know if your company will be paying for the move.

Before the In-Home Estimate

Before the United Van Lines representative arrives, tour your house from attic to basement.  Include the garage, patio and storage shed.  Decide what to move and what to discard.  Remember, the cost of moving an item might be greater than the cost of replacing it.

Decide whether you want to do any of the packing – or whether you will have it done by our experienced personnel.  Our representative will be pleased to discuss packing services with you.  However, if you prefer to do it yourself, see Doing Your Own Packing.  In addition, you might want to purchase packing materials from our agent.  If you do, the cost of the materials and any delivery charges will be added to the Bill of Lading.

During the In- Home Estimate

Show our agent everything that is to be moved.  Specify articles that are to be packed so the estimate will include these charges and be as accurate as possible. Any items you fail to disclose or that are added later to the shipment will increase the cost, even if you have been given a binding estimate.

Remember – unless the estimate is binding, it is not the final cost.  The total charge will depend on the actual weight of your household goods after they are loaded on the van, plus the cost of any extra services performed by United Van Lines.

Make certain you fully understand the extent of the carrier’s liability (see Protection for Damages/Filing Claims) in case any of your goods are lost or damaged.  The declared valuation statement on the Bill of Lading governs the extent of the carrier’s liability.

Sign the Estimate/Order for Service after you are sure you have a clear understanding of each section.  If you have questions about any section, ask the agent to explain.

After Your In-Home Estimate

Keep handy the telephone number and name of the contact person at Mergenthaler Transfer.  Your Mergenthaler representative is your single point of contact throughout the move.

Meet with a realtor and list your home on the market.  See our Resources for lists of travel, mortgage, and destination information.