Relocation Checklist: Planning the Move

At Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage, we put our customers at ease by helping them through every step in the move. Whether your move is far in the future, or right around the corner, we are here to help with our online relocation checklist guide that steps you through the moving process—at whatever stage you’re in.

6-8 Weeks Before the Move

This is the ideal time for the planning portion of your move, and meeting your Relocation Consultant. Start taking inventory of what you plan to move, and what you want to discard, and if you want to do your own packing or not.

4-6 Weeks Before the Move

Start making final decisions about what items to keep, and what to do with items you don’t want. This is the time to notify important friends and business partners about your departure, and make necessary arrangements with your utility companies and business accounts.

2-3 Weeks Before the Move

Start getting ready to go by throwing going away parties for your children or closest friends. Make plans for your automobiles and travel arrangements, and start packing one room a week.

3 Days before the Move

Time to pack your families suitcases. Don’t forget to pack an “Instant Aid” box, full of all the items you will immediately need upon arrival at your new home. Certain belongings need to travel with you instead of the moving van—make sure you’ve got it all.

One Day Before Moving/Pack Day

Get ready to work with the packers. Make sure one adult is available during the packing and moving to give directions and answer any questions the packers may have. Prepare a designated area for items you do not want packed away.

Move Day

The big day is here! Be on hand when the movers arrive. Make a final check that your utilities are switched off, and that the house is locked up properly. Fill out the needed paperwork, and get ready to go.

Delivery Day

On Delivery day, be prepared to make final payments. Designate out responsibilities for each of your family members (even children) to get your new home all set up. Direct the movers where to place each piece of furniture so you don’t have to move it again later.

Getting Settled

Start getting comfortable in your new home. Find your new office, dentist, doctor, and more, ensuring proper records are transported from your old location. Meet your neighbors, and explore fun places to visit in the local community.

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