Professional Movers

Whether you are ready to hire our professional movers or are looking for guides on doing a self-move, Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage, the sought-after mover, is ready to help you relocate successfully. Moving, in general, can be an expensive undertaking. Some try to cut down on moving expenses by doing the work themselves, or by hiring a local mover to handle their belongings.

Do it yourself?

While some people can pull off a successful self-move or doing their own packing, others become too stressed when managing all of the small details associated with such an undertaking. Mergenthaler applauds those who tackle the project head on, and has provided guides for both doing your own packing, and handling a self-move. However, when working within short timeframes, or if the move is too overwhelming to handle singlehandedly, hiring a mover may be a good option for you.

DIY vs. Hiring Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage

Say you are planning to rent a moving truck and drive it on your own. Have you ever driven one before? Have you ever driven across state lines? By the way, how much are those hotel nights? Let’s not forget meals, fuels, incidentals, and one-way fees.

These things add up, which means a DIY move is not always the least expensive choice. In addition, you might get more of a hassle than you bargain for — and really, that is no bargain at all.

With that said, hiring professional movers like Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage, is actually a better option.

Professional services from the top movers allow you to enjoy the following:

  • Time. In a DIY move, you likely need a day or two to pack and load, as well as an additional two days to unpack and unload in addition to the travel time.
  • Efficiency. Our team does moving for a living. Each of our members is skilled in handling belongings, including fragile ones, and can do the job in half the time it would have taken you. In most cases, we pack and unload your belongings efficiently without damages as well.
  • Maximized Space. We make sure to employ neat packing and optimize the truck space. With us, you do not end up needing a larger truck.

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