Filing a Claim

Checking Your Shipment

When your shipment is delivered, follow these suggestions while the van operator is at your home:

  • Verify the delivery of all items by checking against the completed inventory lists, including the High-Value Inventory and Inventory Control forms.  This is your responsibility.
  • Examine the outside condition of cartons.
  • Open any cartons that appear damaged or have tape broken before the van operator leaves.
  • Sign the inventory and the Bill of Lading.  This indicates that the shipment meets your satisfaction, except for any notations made for damaged or missing items.

A Missing Item

Be careful when unpacking.  Unfold each piece of packing material. Check to see if related items have been placed in different boxes.

Gather your order number (from the Bill of Lading) and the inventory number of the missing item, and check the color of your inventory tags. Contact Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage immediately.

If Damage Occurs

After delivery, telephone Mergenthaler Transfer &  Storage claims manager at 800-VANLINE (826-5463) or via e-mail at and ask for a claim form be emailed.

Submit the completed claim form as soon as possible and send it back. It can be emailed back or mailed to 1414 N. Montana Avenue Helena, MT 59601.  It must be received no later than nine months from the date of delivery.  If your belongings are placed in permanent storage, the deadline for filing a claim for loss or damage during the interstate shipment or while in SIT is within nine months of the date permanent storage began.

Retain carton, packing materials and damaged item; arrange for a United agent or United’s Customer Claims Department to inspect the items claimed to be damaged.


Please refer to the brochure titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” for information about arbitration and the household goods dispute settlement program.