Minimize Your Stress When Moving

Things to Know About Moving to Reduce Stress When Moving

Our team at Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage know how stressful moving can be.  We will help you plan out the entire move to help you reduce or minimize your stress when moving.  The following information is a good starting point to help you prepare for the move.

Doing Your Own Packing

Good packing is essential for a good move! If you are doing your packing yourself, allow yourself several weeks of preparation time, and don’t start packing without educating yourself on the best ways to protect your belongings during relocation.

Consideration for Doing A Self-Move

If you are planning on handling a move yourself, make sure you take into account all of the costs and responsibilities involved in that project. From the cost of renting the equipment, to planning for the amount of space you’ll need in the truck, you want to be prepared!

Moving with Children

Minimize the emotional stress of moving for your children and teens by planning ahead! Mergenthaler provides you with suggestions for making the move experience a positive one for your children, and gives packing suggestions to keep everyone entertained on the trip.

Moving Pets and Plants

Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage can’t transport many types of plants or pets in the moving van. Decide on how best to transport your family’s plants and animals in a personal car, or see Mergenthaler’s alternative suggestions.

Moving Appliances and Automobiles

Moving companies cannot disconnect, install, wire, or plumb any utilities or household appliances. Make preparations to have your appliances and automobile taken care of in the move process, or arrange with us to have our 3rd party handle this for you.

How Long it Takes to Transport

Usually no more than 14 days are required for small moves traveling a great distance, and no less than a couple of days for large moves traveling short distances. Our Relocation Consultant will be glad to discuss transit times with you after assessing all of the variables involved.

Payment Methods and Tariff Pricing

See what types of payment Mergenthaler accepts, and motor carrier tariff pricing. Payment is collected upon delivery of your belongings.

Protection for Damages

Are your goods properly valued and covered for the long trip? Make sure you notify your move coordinator if you have any items of particular value before packing day arrives!

Filing a Claim

If your goods have become damaged or gone missing in transit, contact your Mergenthaler representative immediately. We want all of your belongings arriving safely to your new home.