Thinking About Settling to Montana?

Why Moving to Bozeman, MT is a Great Choice

Have you been considering a move to Montana? The Treasure State is a great place to start a new life. With breathtaking views and access to trails and parks, Montana is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

For those of you for whom a proximity to nature isn’t a priority, you might be wondering, “Why I should move to Montana?” Most people have no idea that Montana is also a great destination for arts and culture. Many towns and cities throughout the state boast restaurants with delicious cuisine and shopping districts. You can hike a trail in the morning and then snuggle up in a cozy coffee shop in the afternoon. Montana is ideal for fans of both nature and culture. You can still feel like you live in a city without being overwhelmed by crowds of people.

You may have started your research, but you still aren’t sure where to settle. Most people choose the cities like Billings and Missoula. However, Bozeman is a little-known treasure trove in the southwest part of the state. Here are five reasons why Bozeman might just be the city of your dreams.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Bozeman, MT

Sizeable—But Not Overwhelming—Population

With over 45,000 residents, Bozeman is the fourth largest city in Montana. Incomparison, the largest city, Billings, has over 170,000 residents. Bozeman is a much more intimate city with less people, but it still has an exciting wealth of restaurants, shops, and things to do. It’s an ideal spot for those who like being connected to a hopping downtown but don’t want to live in an enormous city.

Bozeman is home to many people in their late twenties and early thirties. The median age of the population is 27.5 years. A lot of young people are choosing Bozeman as a quiet, safe, and stable place to raise a family. It’s a great destination for a young couple to settle down and meet other people their age. Small cities like Bozeman make moving to big and expensive metropolis destinations unnecessary for people in their twenties and thirties.

Employment Opportunities

Bozeman is a great center for employment. The city hosts opportunity for employment in many fields like housing, transportation, retail, and technology. Bozeman is home to Montana State University, and many residents are professors.

Because of the city’s closeness to nature, many residents also work in environmental fields and outdoor recreation. If you love nature, it’s easy to get a job outdoors in Bozeman. You might even be able to fish, hike, and kayak for a living as an instructor.

Access to Splendid Nature

One of Bozeman’s greatest qualities is its nearness to nature. There are many parks, lakes, rivers, and mountains that will satisfy your craving for the great outdoors.

  • Mountain Ranges: The mountain ranges in Bozeman offer breathtaking views of the city’s picturesque landscape. Any hike through the Bridger Mountains, Gallatin Mountains, and Tobacco Root Mountains will lead you to exciting views at great heights. A trip to Palisades Falls brings you to a beautiful 80-foot waterfall. The trails also boast a colorful range of flowers native to the state.

Winter in most cities traps residents inside. In Bozeman, the mountains come to life. You’ll find skiers and snowboarders at resorts like Big Sky and Bridger Bowl. Snowshoeing is also common in Bozeman. The Bohart Range is home to 20 miles of trails with scenic views. Hyalite Lake trails take you past waterfalls and frozen water.

  • Yellowstone National Park: You’ve probably seen pictures of Yellowstone, but it’s nothing like seeing it in real life. Yellowstone is home to some of the most breathtaking views and wildlife imaginable.

You can access Yellowstone in under 90 minutes from Bozeman as the city is just 80 miles away. It is the closest major city to the famous national park. If you’ve ever dreamed of living near a world wonder, Bozeman is your best bet.

  • Ranches: Hunters flock to Bozeman to hunt game. At ranches like the Hart Ranch, you can catch elk and deer grazing. You can also bow hunt for cougar and moose. For non-hunters, ranches also offer horseback riding and wagon rides. Ranches are where many families go for cookouts and to spend time together outdoors.

Diverse and Delicious Dining

Bozeman is home to a range of cuisine styles. From traditional Italian to craft breweries, Bozeman competes with other cities for the best local flavors.

Ask any Bozeman local where to catch a great bite and brew, and they’ll point you to Montana Ale Works. The brew house serves a variety of local brews and American classic cuisine with a Montana twist. Bozeman is also home to excellent brunch options! The Nova Café serves the city’s best breakfast and coffee.

Bozeman is known for locally sourced food with fresh ingredients. No matter where you eat, you’re bound to bite into something sustainable and organic.

Shopping to Suit Any Taste and Style

Looking for a place to go that’s not a trail? You’ve got a lot of options.

Bozeman has a surplus of outfitters for athletes and all kind of thrill-seekers. Plus, the downtown shopping district hosts many book and music stores, commercial chains, and local boutiques. It’s easy to find a bookstore just as much as a new shirt.

The Gallatin Mall is a popular local hangout. The numbers of young people from the university brings in many vintage and thrift shops. Bozeman is an ideal destination for anyone with rustic taste. Countless stores specialize in wood-furnished antiques. If you’ve ever desired owning your own log cabin, Bozeman shopping centers have everything you need.

Move to Bozeman!

Bozeman brings together people from all walks of life. Home to hunters just as much as PhD students, everyone can find an activity they love in this small but busy city.

Are you serious about moving? You’re not the only one. Bozeman is increasing in popularity each year. If you’re thinking it’s time to ditch your tiny and unaffordable city apartment and thrive in this nature-centered city, you’re going to need a good moving company to get you there.

Get in touch with Mergenthaler today! We can schedule a time to review your moving needs and to provide an accurate estimate. No matter where you’re coming from, we’ll help to make moving to Bozeman, MT a great experience.