Mergenthaler Transfer’s Special Contracts terminals, dotting the Pacific Northwest, offer first rate service to any industry.   We offer specialized handling and storage options to various industries for their products including, but not limited to, telecom material, hazardous materials, glue, office products, saddles, solar panels, industry plastics, aeronautic equipment, hotel and restaurant projects, etc. Not only do our warehouses provide a place to store your equipment on a short term or long term basis, we also ensure the ultimate safety of your items.  Our warehouses are armed against theft, employing fully operational alarm systems, motion detectors, and robust camera surveillance systems.  Your product is monitored day and night, safeguarded against any loss. We utilize an automated, bar coded warehousing system with the latest industry technology to track and retrieve storage items in all our Special Contracts warehouses.  This system has the capability to provide the customer with real time information for their products as well as photos of their inventory.  It also allows the customer the ability to generate an order in the system for our terminals to prepare for shipping. All our Special Contracts terminals offer a variety of storage options ranging from storage by the piece, pallet, oversized pallet, crates, square footage utilizing racked or floor space.  We also offer pooled distribution services to a variety of industries. We work individually with each customer to tailor our handling and storage options to their needs.  We place a high priority on each customer and find a solution to meet their needs. The Special Contracts teams in the PNW utilize various tools to guarantee your products safety as it is shuttled throughout the warehouse and off for delivery.  These tools include: Pallet jacks Various types of forklifts Dollies Packaging – shrink wrap, blanket wrap, plastic/metal banding, palletizing, pick & pack Shipping services – UPS, Fed Ex, common carrier   Depend on us to safely and securely handle and store your entire product line.

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