When your company needs hazardous materials transported, the Special Contracts team at Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage places a special emphasis on all shipments being transported safely by qualified professionals.  Our team meets all DOT and OSHA certifications, regulations and licensing required by federal, state, and local agencies for the transport of hazardous materials.

Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage Co. is registered with the US Department of Transportation as a Hazardous Materials Carrier.  Several years ago we made the decision to go above and beyond what other companies had in place for the safe transporting, placement/removal and storing of hazardous materials.  We developed an extensive in house hazardous materials program and MSDS program that specifically deals with battery transport, placement and removal as it complies with our customer’s requirements as well as OSHA and DOT standards.  The program not only consists of classroom training, but also consists of many hours of hands on training.  It is a requirement for all employees in the Special Contracts Division to complete the program and receive continuous training.

Dealing with any hazardous material is a job for skilled contractors who know how to properly load, unload, transport, and store your product.  Each of our terminals is equipped with emergency eye wash stations, MSDS protocol information, and first aid kits.  Our employees are trained to properly respond in any HazMat emergency situation protecting the customer’s product, ourselves and others.  With the precautions our team has put in place and the extensive training we put our employees through, we pride ourselves in preventing these situations from happening altogether.

Stay safe with Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage’s Special Contracts Team!






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