Moving to Salt Lake City

Are you thinking about moving to Salt Lake City, or are you already on your way? Excellent choice! The Beehive State (A.K.A. Utah) and its capital city have plenty to offer—perhaps more than you ever thought.

A hidden gem, Salt Lake City is an incredibly fun town. From having some of the greatest snow on Earth, to its restaurants, to the breathtaking landscapes, you won’t know what to choose on any given weekend after moving to Salt Lake City.

We’ve broken down some of our favorite things which we hope will get you excited about this crisp-air, clean city.

#1 Playing in the Snow

Think about any winter sport that you’d like to try – we’ll bet Salt Lake has a way to train for it.

We’re not just talking about ice hockey, skiing or snowboarding. We’re talking about bobsledding, the luge and ski jumping. Don’t forget that Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics!

You’ll have plenty to visit including the Olympic Torch which is in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah. Additionally, the Utah Olympic Park is just outside the Salt Lake in Park City, which you can visit and see athletes train at the right time of year.

Snow Removal

Now, now… if you’re not a huge fan of snow, we have some great news for you! Salt Lake City takes good care of the roads in the winter. The town would literally shut down if no precaution was taken toward snow removal. However, care and the right tires are always recommended in the snow and inclement weather.

#2 Public Transit

Salt Lake City has excellent public transportation and it’s relatively inexpensive! The stops make sense and are easy to get to, and trains (which locals call “Trax”) stop at major cities, such as Provo and Ogden.

Additionally, you can hop on the train and go to the airport any day of the week. Some trains are even Wi-Fi equipped. Going from one location to the next is easy-peasy in Salt Lake City.  

#3 The Mountains

If you’ve never been to Salt Lake City, we recommend that you get there at night. Why? For the show in the morning. Especially if you’ve never lived in any of the Mountain West States, you’re about to experience a veritable feeling of “taking your breath away.”

The part of the Rocky Mountains that passes through Salt Lake City is called the Wasatch Front. This front hosts beauties like Mount Olympus and Lone Peak. In the morning when you wake up, simply walk out and look to the east to see pure magnificence in front of you.

Because Salt Lake City is in a valley, the mountains tower over the city as they’re incredibly close. So close in fact, that you don’t have to drive more than 30 minutes to be at the foot of a mountain. Unlike other capital cities that have mountains, like Denver for example, the Wasatch Front envelops Salt Lake and its inhabitants in a type of emotional hug that is simply entrancing.

#4 The Great Outdoors

Because of the wonderful mountains, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, climbing, ice climbing, repelling and trail running are typical activities of Salt Lakers.

If you’re into any of the above, you’ll be in heaven. If you’re not, not to worry. Our next favorite was made just for you.

#5 Dining in Salt Lake

There is something for everyone in Salt Lake City. From 5-star Restaurants, to people’s favorite hole-in-the-wall style spots, to breweries, you’ll find something delicious here.

Just go walking around the City Creek Center, located downtown: you’ll run into some unexpected good eats. And, if you know you’ll be enjoying a drink as well, Trax runs right through the center of downtown.

#6 Entertainment

Salt Lake City is a center for cultural arts. Abravanel Hall is home to the magnificent Utah Symphony; the Capitol Theater hosts main theatrical performances from all over the world; and the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center hosts different events and individual performances. All within walking distance in downtown, you can dine, walk to the theater, and take the train home.

#7 Affordability

When moving to Salt Lake City, you’ll be surprised that it’s not an expensive city for all that it offers (see above). It’s a place where you can make an average living, enjoy the goodness of life and hang out in the Great Outdoors without breaking the bank.

#8 Traffic is Not Really Traffic

Especially if you’re moving from a crowded city, you’ll smile at what Salt Lakers call traffic. Although there’s construction and reconstruction here and there in the city, traffic still flows at a reasonable pace.

#9 Five National Parks!

If ever you think to yourself, “Boy, I want to get out of the city for a few days,” look no farther than any of the five nearby National Parks, which are all around five hours or less from the city by car. These national treasures are:

  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Arches National Park (don’t miss out on seeing the Delicate Arch!)

Or, you can take a gander at Flaming Gorge or Lake Powell; incredible sites to see.

If you’re feeling like you need more adventure, don’t miss out on Moab, Utah. It’s right by Arches and the jeeping and biking there are second to none.

If you go a little further, you can also enjoy the side of the Grand Canyon that’s near the Utah border. Or, you can even skip over to the Four Corners Monument. For those who love the great outdoors, you’ll do no better than to relocate to SLC.

#10 The Elephant in the Room

Salt Lake City has a reputation for its culture and we couldn’t leave this out. However, you’ll find that people keep to themselves and enjoy their lives as they wish to live them. Respect for another is key when living in Salt Lake City. You’ll find that many Salt Lakers will give that respect first.


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