Residential Storage Services

The team at Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage understands that when you’re moving, you need flexible storage options as you transfer your belongings from one place to another. Some of our clients require a secure place to store excess items while they sell their home. Other clients, when confronted with conflicting move-in and move-out dates, realize their new home is not quite ready to move into by the time they have vacated their old one.

Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage provides both long-term and short-term storage options. With Mergenthaler’s storage services, you know your belongings are safe and secure.

When you store your belongings with Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage, your possessions receive specialty care and treatment to ensure they are safely held until you’re ready for delivery to your final destination. To facilitate this, Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage provides:

  • Clean, climate-controlled warehouses and facilities
  • Blanket wrapping and padding to protect your items
  • Thorough tagging and inventory of items
  • Expert warehouse handling, such as unloading and re-loading
  • Temporary vs. permanent storage and payment options
  • Locations at your origin or destination

storage options

Your move involves attending to hundreds of small details, and keeping your belongings on-hand overburdens you. Getting your superfluous personal effects out of the way and protected helps you focus on the major milestones of your move, like selling your old home, or finalizing construction of your new home. When you’re at the proper step of your move where you’re ready to face moving belongings into your new home, they’ll be there for you.

Concentrate on the big steps of your move. Mergenthaler takes care of your stuff in the meantime.

Safeguard your belongings!

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I used these guys on a move from SLC to Nashville back in December of 2012.  Everything was perfect, really good followup with me from the time I accepted their offer through delivery.  I would use them again.

Larry H.

Nashville, TN