International Moving Services

Here at Mergenthaler, as an international moving company, we can help you with moves of any distance! Whether you’re travelling across the continent, or an entire ocean, Mergenthaler specializes in helping you and your belongings arrive safely in your new home. With an international move, you already have to worry about learning about a new culture, lifestyle, or even language! Mergenthaler oversees all of the small details related to moving your possessions—which gives you one less thing to worry about.

When you move internationally with Mergenthaler, you receive:

  • A personal move coordinator to oversee the move details
  • Your choice of ocean freight and air freight shipments
  • Accurate pricing estimates upfront
  • Safe, prompt shipments (3–8 weeks for ocean freight, 7–10 days for air freight)
  • Professional packing organized specifically for fast customs clearance
  • Vast experience in foreign shipment regulations

International Moving Company

Since airport and foreign security has intensified in the last decade, making sure all of your household belongings make it safely over country borders can be an arduous process without the help of a professional. Incorrectly labeled boxes or incomplete paperwork can seriously delay processing of your belongings through customs. Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage’s packing strategies involve detailed inventories of the contents of each box. This deters custom inspections and shipment quarantines, saving you money and getting your shipment delivered quickly!

Planning in advance for your international move helps you to be completely prepared! Your move coordinator will mention things you should know about an international move: prohibited items, tariffs, and items you should take with you that you will need immediately upon arrival (toiletries, clothing, utensils, toys, etc). With Mergenthaler, you’ll be prepared to move anywhere in the world!

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