Are You Packing Fragile Items Correctly?

Packing up your belongings in anticipation for a move can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to delicate heirloom items and other fragile belongings. Protecting these items is part of what we do best and homeowners can help ensure that their important fragile goods arrive safely. Here are a few things you should know about packing fragile items. This will help you feel certain that the right measures have been taken when packing fragile items.

Plan Protection From Different Kinds of Damage

Packing needs to fulfill three distinct purposes in order to be truly effective at protecting valuables – and just about anything else, for that matter. When packing fragile items, look for packaging with these three characteristics:

  • Able to withstand pressure from the outside – Corrugated cartons are ideal, though be sure to choose ones of an appropriate size.
  • Able to absorb shock – Styrofoam and similar materials can be used to pack fragile items inside your chosen carton
  • Capable of protecting items from one another – Items can shift and knock against each other inside the package as it is carried and transported. Surround items in bubble wrap or another protective wrapping to prevent this kind of damage.

Because each of these packaging layers offers distinct forms of protection, you should select one of each type. This will ensure that your fragile belongings are guarded in a truly comprehensive manner. After all, your possessions may have a long way to go before they arrive at their destination.

Shopping for Packing Materials

Finding specialized packing materials can be challenging, especially if you need to buy lots of it. Department stores and even dollar stores are likely to stock simple bubble wrap at affordable prices. Corrugated cartons of various sizes are best found at a specialty supply store, such as a shop dedicated to mailing and shipping products. These outlets are also good sources of shock-absorbing materials to surround fragile things. A little planning is all it takes to safeguard your fragile possessions during the big move.