Mergenthaler Vision, Mission, and Values

Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage’s professional moving services are enriched by our employees’ deep-rooted commitment to our company values, mission, and vision. Moving your house is one of the most powerful demonstrations on the effectiveness of working as a team—a team made up of you, as the customer, and our qualified team. We believe in providing our customers with the most pleasant moving experience possible. Our company values reflect our dedication to our customers, and tackling the moving process together.

Our Values

Mergenthaler values building open, honest and ethical relationships. We believe that how we look and act fuels our dedication to excellence. We will ensure our continued success through our commitment to employees, customers and the company.

Our Mission

Our mission as a diversified transportation company is to transport and store our customer’s goods in a professional, safe and efficient manner.

Our Vision

To conquer transportation industry challenges utilizing a team dedicated to continuous growth, with absolute customer loyalty.

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