4 Reasons Professional Moving Companies are Better Than DIY Moves

Moving to a new city, or just a new home in your existing city, can be a really exciting time. Perhaps you are upgrading or moving to an amazing neighborhood, or maybe you just got an exciting job offer in a new place. While the idea of the move is exciting, for most people the logistics of actually having to move their stuff to a new home is not exciting, especially if you are looking at having to do it all on your own. Here are four reasons you should hire a professional moving company.

No Prolonged Packing

Those who have moved themselves or who have friends or relatives who have done so know—it takes a long time to pack up all your stuff. Many people spend weeks trying to get all their belongings into boxes while simultaneously trying to leave out the things that you need for your daily living. Those who have a full-time job or other obligations have to work around that schedule, and there is never enough time to get your belongings packed.

Hiring a professional, on the other hand, means you get it all packed in a day or two by professionals. That also means you can wait until just days before you’re ready to go to pack your stuff, leaving you free to use your belongings in the meantime without having a million half-packed boxes sitting around your house for the next two months.

Insurance & Protection

If you have moved before, you may have experienced the disappointment of getting to your new home only to find that one of your favorite personal items was damaged in transit because you didn’t pack it well enough. Professional movers are experienced at packing items to prevent them from breaking, and if something does happen, your items are insured and can be replaced. They also have heavy-duty padding, plastic furniture covers, and boxes for your mattress so things won’t get dirty or dinged up in transit.

Professional Equipment

Most DIY movers know they will need a moving van, but without equipment such as furniture dollies, ramps, cushioned covers hoisting straps, and more, you and your neighbors could end up with damaged items or injured backs from trying to lift it into the back of a pickup truck yourself. Professionals have all the equipment you need to make the move simple and safe.

Accurate Pricing & Customer Service

For some the decision not to hire a professional moving company is related to costs, and believing it would be too expensive. Quality movers will give you an accurate estimate from the start, so you know up front what it will cost, and they can help you with suggestions along the way that will make your move hassle-free. Plus if you arrive earlier than planned, they can help with short-term storage.