10 Expert Tips for Moving Out of Your Apartment

Moving to a new place can mark an exhilarating new chapter in your life. In fact,the number one reason people move apartments or homes is to refresh. It’s a chance to move into a space that better suits their lifestyle. However, it is important to know how to pack an apartment, as this can be one of the most stressful parts of the experience if it isn’t done correctly.

On the plus side, there are ways to make this process less overwhelming. Just follow these 10 expert tips for how to move from one apartment to another.

1. Acquire Free Moving Boxes

When it is time to move, you may find that the process is riddled with unexpected costs, many of which end up being completely unnecessary. One of these surprises comes when you remember you have to purchase brand-new moving boxes.

Instead of buying these, check out grocery and clothing stores and ask the stockers if they have any extra boxes. The “free” section on Craigslist is also a good place to look for perfectly good boxes without spending a fortune on them.

As far as what size of boxes to look for when moving apartments, different sizes will suit different purposes, but there are some general guidelines to follow. Look for some that are easy to pick up, big enough to hold a good number of things, but not so tall as it blinds you when you walk with it. Bonus points if you find sturdy boxes with handle holes built in to them!

2. Pack Your Clothes on Hangers

Your first instinct when packing clothes may be to remove them from their hangers, fold them, pack them, just to unfold them and rehang the garments at the next location. Think of the time you could save if you just kept them on hangers!

First, start by zip tying a group of hangers (with the clothes on them) together. Then, cover the bunch with a garbage bag. Finally, pack them and move them at your convenience!

3. Color Code for Organization

One of the most difficult things to do when packing up a bunch of boxes is keeping them organized. When you arrive at your new apartment or home, you’ll have a difficult time finding a specific box if it isn’t labeled.

Fortunately, you can simplify this process by implementing a color-coding system that will let you know at a glance which room that box belongs in.

4. Use Furniture with Drawers as Storage

Your chest of drawers is actually perfect for acting as additional storage space during your move. Simply load up your drawers and save some space in your moving truck.

One of the best apartment moving tips is to unscrew the handles that stick out and screw them back in from the inside to prevent them from hitting or scratching your other items during your move.

Unfortunately, packing these drawers full of items may make the already heavy piece of furniture even more of a burden. This is where a moving team can help – they are fully equipped to carry the valuables and heavy furniture that you aren’t capable of lifting yourself.

5. Pack Dishware Carefully

The last thing you want to find upon opening a box in your new kitchen is a pile of broken dishes. By packing your plates like record vertically in the box, breakage will become less likely during transit. Simply cover them with bubble wrap and be on your way!

6. Use Even More Caution with Pictures and Mirrors

If you were nervous about packing your plates and beloved mugs, just wait until it is time to pack your glass photo frames and mirrors. For these items, you should pack them individually and then wrap them in bubble wrap or some other kind of packaging paper like you would a present.

Make sure you label these boxes as “fragile” big and bold on the outside of them so that everyone who might handle that box is aware of the contents.

7. Utilize Your Linens

Linens such as sheets and towels can take up a ton of space that could otherwise be used for other items – even if they are folded.

However, you can put your linens to use by wrapping some of your fragile items in them. You can save on bubble wrap while packing two things at once. Who doesn’t love hitting two birds with one stone?

8. How to Pack the TV

Televisions are notoriously tricky things to transport. Fortunately, there are a couple tricks you can try out such as building a custom box to cover your TV’s specific surface. Covering the screen with a towel helps as well.

Be sure to always transport it with the flat screen facing up. The next time you purchase a TV, hang onto the original packaging material for the next time you need to move it.

9. Declutter Your Apartment

When making your moving out packing list, throw away some items early. The less items you need to relocate, the easier the process will be. As you prepare to move, consider each of the rooms in your property and determine what is worth saving and what can be gotten rid of.

Begin by sorting through your items in each room and deciding what to get rid of. If the item is stained, broken, or simply unusable, you can just toss it. A good way to declutter and feel better about what you’re attempting to move is to donate items you no longer need that are still in good condition. Giving away items you completely forgot you had are perfect for this pile.

10. Final Touches

It is completely normal to have to fill in some small holes in the walls of your apartment. Be careful not to overlook this, as this can save you some serious money when you move out. To fill these holes, try using a bar of soap instead of investing in actual filler. Simply rub the bar over the hole until it is filled.

Move into Your New Home with Ease

Even if you’ve followed all these apartment moving tips, you might realize you don’t have enough hands or equipment to get the move done peacefully. If you’re moving apartments soon, consider reaching out to a company like us. We follow this ten-step guide closely so you don’t have to.

We transport every item with caution, so you can worry less about managing everything you own and travel with a peace of mind.